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4. Combing

Here the material runs through a comb for final cleaning. Special humidification systems produce 100% humidity to prevent static charges.

5. Preproduction

To homogenize the combed phasers, they are parallelized and leveled in the preproduction.

Here the silk can be mixed with other natural fibers such as cashmere, wool or cotton, which are then processed into high-quality mixed yarns.

The finished tapes with the correct weight are then placed on the flyer.


After the fibers have been homogeneously mixed, the spun material is transferred to the roving machine (flyer).

From the band, which is thicker up to this point, a smaller band is created by warping and turning (warpage of 7.2).

This production step is the preparation for the actual spinning mill and the result is the roving, which is already twisted a little but does not hold up.

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