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All photos of the virtual factory tour are 360° panorama photos.


You can use your mouse to move any photo anywhere and zoom in and out.

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1. Incoming goods

  1. The combed slivers of silk, wool, linen and other materials delivered here are temporarily stored in the high-bay warehouse after quality control has been carried out.

  2. Yarns that are dyed by subcontractors also come back to the main factory here.

2. High bay warehouse

3. Pre-combing

​Here the delivered raw material is unpacked and applied to the machines for initial cleaning.

4. Combing

Here the material runs through a comb for final cleaning. Special humidification systems produce 100% humidity to prevent static charges.

5. Preproduction

In order to homogenize the recombed fibers, they are parallelized and leveled in the preliminary plant.

Here the silk can be mixed with other natural fibers such as cashmere, wool or cotton, etc., which are then processed into high-quality mixed yarns.

The finished tapes with the correct weight are then placed on the flyer.


After the fibers have been mixed, the spun material is transported to the roving machine (flyer).

A thinner strip is created from the previously thick strip by pulling and twisting.

This production step is the preparation for the actual spinning and the roving is created here, which is already twisted a little but still allows further drafting.

6. Spinning mill (heart of the company)

The resulting end product has the following breathtaking parameters:

Thick yarn: 8m/1g

Fine yarn: 120m/1g

Finest yarn: 300m/1g

This is where the actual spinning of the prepared fibers (roving) takes place. We have ring spinning machines with long-staple drafting systems available for this. The attached roving is twisted and twisted in the drafting system to create a fine and stable thread.

Since we manufacture yarns with a fineness of Nm 2 (=2 m/1g) to Nm 300 (=300 m/1g), different machine types are used.


The spinning machines are equipped fully automatically. The full spin cops are placed on a waiting trolley by means of a conveyor belt and empty spin cops are placed on the machine.


For our finest yarn, the roving is spun into a fine silk thread with a 50-fold draft and over 950 twists per meter. The latest machine was integrated in October 2021 after new installations in 2006, 2007 and 2009. The oldest spinning machines are over 50 years old. Additional installations make it possible to produce fancy yarns (with thick and thin places).