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The in the 5th generation family owned company Camenzind + Co. with its Swiss Mountain Silk brand has 130 years of tradition. In addition to quality control in all production stages at the highest level, the management also attaches great importance to environmental protection and sustainability, including through its own hydropower plant. This is how high-quality silk is created in the heart of Switzerland, directly at the Lake Lucerne. 


For the processing of silk raw materials in Gersau, water has always played a central role as a transport route and energy supplier.

It was recognized early on that the two village streams in Gersau are very good and reliable sources of energy. This possibility of using water power was another reason why Josef Augustin Reding settled his silk processing industry in Gersau and not in Schwyz. Thanks to this hydropower, the mechanization of the silk industry was rapidly advanced. In the three silk factories, the water power of the Dorfbach was used for the first time directly with the help of a transmission belt drive for production.



In the Canton of Schwyz, too, the textile industry was the pacemaker of industrialization. However, the focus here was on processing silk and not cotton.

This is schappe or floss silk, a silk yarn made from raw silk waste and the silk from damaged cocoons. Schappe processing has been able to hold its ground in Gersau to this day.



All our products are made in Switzerland and are of Swiss origin according to the Federal Customs Administration.


Our yarns are only produced from raw materials of the highest quality. The raw materials are carefully selected according to our own quality criteria and then used accordingly in our production. We maintain close contact with our long-standing raw material producers and traders. This is how we achieve the basis of trust and quality consistency that is very important to us. In addition to the raw materials, our production facilities form another basis for our quality. We regularly invest in our production facilities and optimize our work processes.



For us, sustainability is not just a word!


Right from the start, we attach great importance to ensuring that no resources are wasted and that all employees make a good living.



Today, the company Camenzind + Co. AG is continued as a family business in the fifth generation and employs about 20 people in production and administration.

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